Gas Fireplaces

Fire Glow is a distributor or dealer for each of the manufacturers listed below. We have one of the largest displays of fireplaces for you to browse through in the region.

Direct vent circulating gas fireplaces
BTUs range: 24,000 to 60,000
Ceramic fiber logs, burner, glowing embers
We are able to vent straight out the back on most models

Heater Rated Traditional Fireplace

Traditional Fireplace

Contemporary Fireplaces

Questions we'll be asking you when you visit or call:

Are you looking for single or multiple openings?
Radiant (clean face) or heat circulating?
Or just the appearance or heater rated?

Your choices include (but are not available in all styles):

Sizes: 33", 36", 38", 39", or 44" wide
Comfort Control System (includes blower & remote)
Brick options
Various trim and face options