Fire Glow has been dealing with chimneys for 45 years, so come and talk to our highly trained experts. Whether you're extending a chimney, lining a masonry chimney, fixing a damper, capping it, cleaning or replacing the connection from a stove to the chimney, our staff has the knowledge to assist you and get you exactly what you need! Every appliance needs the correct type of chimney and the correct pipe in order to burn safely. Our warehouse boasts a wide range of pipe for all common sizes and our salespeople can order any specialty pieces. Caps in all shapes and sizes are available for masonry chimneys and pipes.

  • Single Wall Pipe: This pipe connects your stove or furnace to the rest of the chimney.
  • Caps: We have all kinds of caps for both masonry and metal chimneys.
  • Brushes: Wire or poly, round or square, we have the right chimney brush for you.
  • Venting: This includes metal chimney systems for wood, pellet, gas or oil appliances. This is your insulated pipe with smaller clearances.